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Autism BASICS is an app developed by a passionate team of Psychologists, Speech Therapists, Behavioral Therapists and Occupational Therapists to positively engage kids with Autism and other special needs and empower their parents to work closely with their children.

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In a nutshell, the app provides Daily Activities assigned by the child’s therapist or parent, an Activity Library focussing on learning skills that are paramount to the development of a child on the autism spectrum and a Parent Corner, with videos and content empowering parents to work closely with their children

Daily Activities: The child’s parent or therapist assigns activities from the library and the amount of time they wish the child to spend on the activities daily. The therapist defines multiple levels from a particular category she wishes the child to focus on. Everyday the child gets to complete these activities which are presented in an engaging and fun play format.

Activity Library: The child is presented with thousands of activities spread across categories that are important in the early childhood development of a child with Autism or any developmental delays. These activities are presented in a format that’s fun for the child. The categories include Alphabets, Spellings, Pre-Math, Math, First Words etc. and focus on the child’s behavioral, academic, sensory, independent/self-help, communication and social skills.

Parent Corner: This segment has videos and self help content that equips parents with information on autism, developmental milestones, therapies and other special needs.

In short, Autism BASICS is a sincere effort of a team of therapists to put together a highly efficient and affordable solution that helps parents of kids with autism and other special needs to work closely with their children resulting in their gradual and continuous improvement.


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