Autism: daily living & caring
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The app is designed for a family and carers to create a private group to help look after and care for someone who has autism.

Long description:

This app features advanced built-in sensors to help you see whats happening and to protect your loved ones. These sensors are optional and can be switched on or off at any time.

Imagine you want your autistic son to try new things and to become more independent. Perhaps you feel he should go to the local shops on his own for the first time. The app really helps because sensors can send automated notifications so you know what’s happening when you aren’t next to him.

- app location alerts will tell when he arrives at the shops, or alert you if he wanders off and goes too far away. And the app is useful every day as it can notify you when your loved one arrives at school, and whenever they leave school.

- the app can notify you if your loved ones phone is switched off or has no signal (and the app gives you his GPS location when this happened).

- the app has a simple panic/SOS button that will send an alert to everyone in the family team

- if you ever need to get to your loved one fast – simply click the Sat-Nav button (no typing or address required).

The app helps with organizing and maintaining daily routines, especially useful for a loved one who can be forgetful or distracted.

- you can create daily recurring tasks (and add pictures and photos) that will popup automatically on your loved ones phone at just the right time. And you receive a notification when they do the task or if they forget. Create tasks for your family, such as, taking medicine, doing some exercise, reading or school work, washing hands, or perhaps a reminder to clean their bedroom, …

- you can see if a loved one is on their phone or tablet too much (the app can monitor how much time the device's screen is switched on)

- and the app makes it easier for a person to express their feelings and emotions. Simply choose and click large emoji icons (includes special anti-bullying icons to help you understand how they are feeling when you are not with them).

- you can create a phonebook (and add people’s photos) and this is automatically copied on to your loved ones phone. So you know they have an organized phone with all the family and carers phone numbers on it.

- you can create a list of useful and safe websites and the app will automatically copy these on to your loved ones phone as large clickable web-buttons. Web-buttons make it easier for them to safely browse the internet and without needing to enter web addresses or use a keyboard.

- the apps advanced built-in motion sensor lets you see when your loved one picks-up their phone for the first time in the morning – and later what time when they use their phone at night time.

- and the app helps to avoid those problems when a loved one’s phone has no power. It lets you see when they charge their phone (or if they forget) and it notifies you if their battery is getting low (built-in battery sensor).

And the last point - Have you ever phoned a loved one and they didn’t answer their phone? And then you start to worry if something is wrong! The app can give you some useful information. It can tell you the person’s location; and the motion sensor lets you know if they are carrying or holding their phone (or for how long the phone has been stationary and not moved); and the app can tell you if a loved one’s phone is switched off or has no signal. And remember you can simply click Sat-Nav for directions to go to them (you don’t need an address).


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