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Classit™ is a fun application designed to work on the ability to categorize.

Long description:

Knowing that a banana and an apple are fruits is part of our ability to categorize information. With more than 250 photos and illustrations and 34 levels to progress through, the "ClassIt™" application of the AMIKEO suite contains exercises and materials to develop this ability to conceptualize.

ClassIt™ is the ideal application to accompany the first discovery of families with animals, vehicles, clothing, colors, etc. Its playful system of progression allows you to work on logical reasoning, concentration, motor skills and hand-eye coordination while having fun!

Thanks to the "Progress" area, follow the strong points and the points to improve!

Designed in collaboration with teachers, special educators, speech therapists and psychologists, the "ClassIt™" application makes it possible to develop shape and animal recognition through a refined and intuitive interface adapted to beginners.
Its playful progression system allows you to work on logical reasoning, concentration, motor skills and hand-eye coordination while having fun!

TIP: Add your own images!

The application contains:
- 5 exercises and 1 discovery area
- 34 levels of difficulty
- 250 photos and illustrations
- animations to motivate
- an application content management menu to add/remove images from the application


The Classit ™ application and its contents are available for free in a full version for a period of 14 days.
Beyond this trial period, you can subscribe to the AMIKEO subscription for €15.99 /month or €169.99 /year without commitment that will allow you to use our 10 AMIKEO applications!

Included in this subscription:
- 10 applications of the AMIKEO by Auticiel suite
- Unlimited customization of the contents of all applications
- Access to new AMIKEO program applications, evolutions and updates
- Dedicated Customer Support by phone or email
- Monthly statistics of use sent by email


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