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iFeel™ is an application that expresses needs, emotions and feelings through pictograms and voice recordings on a tablet.

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iFeel™ is an application that expresses needs, emotions and feelings through pictograms and voice recordings on a tablet.

Created for people who have difficulty communicating, the iFeel™ application has been designed to support the implementation of alternative communication tools. Using customizable avatars, it allows users to:
- Express an emotion, a feeling, a need and verbalize it with the recorded voice (e.g., "I need to use the bathroom.")
- Select an intensity on a scale of three indicators: low, medium, high.
- Show pain on a body diagram

Tip: Configure the display: choose an avatar and add photos. If you already use pictograms for emotions or needs, add them in the application to use instead of those provided by default. Start by putting one or two images on the screen only by covering the rest, then gradually display the others as needed.

The iFeel™ application and its contents are available for free in their full version for a period of 3 days.
Beyond this trial period, you can subscribe to AMIKEO for €9.99 a month or €79.99 a year, and get access to all 10 AMIKEO applications with no time commitment!

Included in this subscription:
- 10 applications from the AMIKEO by Auticiel suite
- Unlimited content customization in all applications
- Access to new AMIKEO applications, upgrades and updates
- Dedicated Customer Support by telephone or email
- Monthly usage statistics sent by email

iFeel™ is an application published by Auticiel®, a French company specialized in the development of software solutions promoting independence for children and adults with mental disabilities. We develop intuitive and fun mobile applications for communication, spatio-temporal landmarks and social relations to promote social integration and school and job accessibility.

All our applications are created and tested by users, their families and a scientific committee made up of professionals from the medical and educational sectors (neuropsychologists, psychologists, speech therapists, specialized educators, etc.).

- ClassIt™, an educational game that helps you learn to identify, categorize and generalize!
- Voice™, the mobile communications binder
- Time in™, timers that help you visualize the time that passes, even if the user does not know how to tell time
- Sequences™, helps with task completion
- Social Handy™, customizable quizzes for working on social interactions
- Logiral™, a video player that allows you to slow down video sounds and images
- Puzzle™, helps you learn how to solve puzzles step by step
- Autimo™, an educational game that helps you learn how to recognize emotions and facial expressions
- Agenda™, a simplified schedule

More info: https://auticiel.com/applications/.


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