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Communication app for AAC.

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Introducing TD Snap® Motor Plan - symbol-supported page sets enabling efficient language acquisition via touch or eye gaze.


TD Snap® is a flexible communication software for those with speech and language disabilities such as autism, Down syndrome, Rett syndrome, cerebral palsy, MND and aphasia. It offers professionals and families a choice of AAC solutions to meet different communication needs and preferences. TD Snap® is accessible via touch, eye gaze or switch, offering clear speech output.


TD Snap® Page Sets include:


•Core First: A symbol-supported page set enabling a path to literacy at any stage of language development

•Motor Plan: A symbol-supported page set enabling efficient language acquisition at any age, custom designed for both touch and eye gaze.

•Text: A page set for those who are literate or transitioning from symbol supports to literacy

•Scanning: A page set for those who use scanning as their primary access method

•Aphasia: A page set to help adults with aphasia communicate while also supporting language recovery

•*PODD: A page set based on the Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Display vocabulary strategy, developed by AAC expert Gayle Porter


*Denotes in-app purchase, developed by a third party.


Each page set comes with a powerful set of integrated tools to help simplify use and help communicators, caregivers and professionals succeed.


TD Snap® Tools:


•Google Assistant: An integrated tool enabling symbol-supported access to Google Assistant

•Editing: An intuitive editing tool to help customise buttons to meet a communicator’s unique needs


•The Diverse Tone setting randomly applies a mixed selection of skin tones/hair colour at the page set level (this is our new default option)

•The Single Tone setting applies your favourite choice from a selection of skin tones and/or hair colours to all people symbols at the page set level, with the click of a button

•The Symbol Editor lets you colour individual symbols including skin tone, hair shades and more

•Search: A search bar to locate words and symbols with an easy-to-follow path to find them

•Behaviour supports: A set of behavioural supports like visual schedules, timers and scripts

•QuickFires: A set of commonly used pre-programmed phrases to make communication smoother

•MyTobiiDynavox: A cloud-based resource for backing up, sharing and managing your apps


TD Snap® also has complementary resources, including support and training materials, to help communicators, caregivers, and professionals succeed with communication. These resources can be found by visiting myTobiiDynavox.com or tobiidynavox.com.


Tobii Dynavox cannot guarantee the compatibility of TD Snap® with any other brand of hardware, and as such, Tobii Dynavox will not offer technical support for hardware compatibility issues related to TD Snap® installed on non-Tobii Dynavox approved hardware, by non-licensed resellers. Downloads by individuals of TD Snap® for individual use on personal devices is permitted pursuant to the TD Snap® License Agreement for Download. TD Snap® may only be downloaded for re-sale and re-distribution by Tobii Dynavox resellers with a specific license to do so. To download TD Snap® for commercial use, re-sale, and re-distribution on non-Tobii Dynavox devices contact Tobii Dynavox directly at css@tobiidynavox.com in North America and order.eu@tobiidynavox.com in all other countries.


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