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The title is designed for the first encounter of young children with a computer.

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The survey showed that in In households, computers are used by very young children (3 years or less). Parents for They are looking for them various games, often inappropriate and inappropriate for their age. Kids just like to click Basically, they watch the screen change to no avail and passively. The CD ROM is supposed to accustom children to the fact that on the computer it is "also work - learning" for them Not just fun.

A computer isn't just for gaming!
From an early age, it is necessary to lead children to the knowledge that, in addition to playing, they also teach and educate. The use of modern educational methods will make it easier for them to do so later cope with the requirements of the school without any problems.
Meaningful use of the computer is the best antidote to "harmful" addiction to and aimlessly wasting time on "computer games" of mediocre focus.

Some parts of this CD-R are thematically focused on introducing the child to the weather and the time of year. What happens in spring, summer, autumn and winter? What clothes Is it appropriate for this time? Graphics of accompanying images in tasks and animations (in poems) can inspire children to express themselves artistically on these topics (in kindergarten and at home).
The CD-ROM offers teachers in kindergartens some tasks to perform with more children - competitiveness among them - Who will tell more about the picture, who will learn the poem.

In the first task, "The Mouse Wants Cheese", children will learn to coordinate their hand with the cursor on the Monitor.

The "POEMS" task contains short rhythmic formations that children can quickly remember.
A set of poems can be appropriately used in school "plays", where each The child recites one poem and presents the painted picture.

CD-ROM develops speech skills and vocabulary. Supports the development of mental abilities, perception, graphic and auditory memory.


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