iSharing: GPS Location Tracker
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App description

iSharing is the worldwide location tracking app you've been looking for!

Long description:

With our Family Locator & GPS Tracker, you can ensure the safety of your family members while staying connected in real-time. Whatever your needs are, we have you covered, from keeping an eye on your kid after school to keeping an eye on an elderly relative.

iSharing is a family GPS location tracker designed for child's safety and parents' peace of mind.

The family sharing app provides a real-time location sharing service allowing parents and kids to privately share their location information and easily communicate. Find phones, family, and devices for your safety control

★ Kids GPS tracker: When your children are exploring, you may feel secure knowing they are safe with iSharing location tracker. For extra security, get real-time location updates.

★ Real-Time Location Tracker: Stay connected with your family members by using our private map feature, which provides real-time family member position monitoring. No matter where they are, be in touch and confident of their safety.

★ Real-Time Alerts: Get instant notifications as family members arrive or depart from destinations. Say goodbye to the constant questions of Where are you? texts and stay informed effortlessly with our real-time alerts on the Tracking app.

★ Family Safety Notifications: Enhance kid safety with automated family member alerts and a family locator free. Stay informed and proactive, ensuring peace of mind for everyone's safety.

★ Lost Phone Tracker:Use our location finder and Find My Phone function to quickly locate your stolen or lost phone. For a speedy recovery and peace of mind, follow its whereabouts in real time.

★ Alert for Panic: Activate the Panic Alert by shaking your phone in emergencies. Instantly notify trusted contacts and authorities for immediate assistance, ensuring your safety is prioritized.

★ Walkie-Talkie Feature: Unlock the power of instant communication with iSharing Finder. Transform your phone into a walkie-talkie and enjoy seamless, free voice messaging for enhanced connectivity on the go.

★ Look Up Past Locations: Easily track your family's past locations with a comprehensive 90-day history feature. Stay informed and reassured about their whereabouts, enhancing safety and peace of mind for everyone.

OUR PREMIUM SERVICES (With subscription):
🔄 90-Day History
📍 Unlimited Places Alert
📡 3D Street View
📱 Low Battery Alerts
🚗 Driving Alerts
🚗 Driving Speed Report
🛑 Remove Ads

iSharing app should be used with the consent of each other. You can always get in touch with iSharing's round-the-clock support team by email at contact@isharingsoft.com if you have any technical issues with our tracking app.


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