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Logiral™ allows you to watch videos at your own pace!

Long description:

With more than 16 speeds available, Logiral© can slow down the playback speed with limited sound distortion, for better comprehension.

No more complicated buttons! Logiral's sleek ergonomics make navigation easy, with quick and easy access to sound management, full screen mode and video library.
With the "Lock Screen" option, there is no risk of inadvertently leaving the application while viewing.

Designed to be easily used by the young and old alike, the Logiral application allows you to play and record videos in a very intuitive way!

The application includes:
- a video gallery for easy access to camera videos
- a video recording interface
- a video playback interface with:
- a play/pause button
- a speed management menu: with 16 speed increments and 4 speed shortcut icons
- a sound management menu: with 4 levels of sound and - a button to disable or activate the sound
- a "padlock" button allowing you to lock or unlock full screen mode

Following several years of experimental research showing that "the world moves too fast" for some people with autism spectrum disorders, and after a number of years of applied research showing the benefits of slowing down audiovisual signals from the environment for their skills (recognition of emotions, imitation, verbal comprehension, eye tracking, gaze fixation), Carole Tardif and Bruno Gepner, from the University of Aix-Marseille, in collaboration with the company Auticiel®, with the guidance and support of the Ministry of National Education, developed a free slowdown application for tablets. Initially designed for people with autism spectrum disorders, the Logiral application generally allows users to slow down videos, which is useful for understanding foreign language videos, for example, or even reviewing football game plays in fine detail!

Logiral™ is an application published by Auticiel®, a French company specialized in the development of software solutions promoting independence for children and adults with mental disabilities. We develop intuitive and fun mobile applications for communication, spatio-temporal landmarks and social relations to promote social integration and school and job accessibility.

All our applications are created and tested by users, their families and a scientific committee made up of professionals from the medical and educational sectors (neuropsychologists, psychologists, speech therapists, specialized educators, etc.).

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