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Application for children and adults who have difficulties in the articulation of some phonemes.

Long description:

In addition to going to speech therapy, this application is an important support, to be done at home, with images and fun games. This encourages the generalization of phonemes in speech, and therefore a more rapid and effective evolution.

The application is designed for both children and adults, who need and want to improve their articulation, and can also work attention and memory exercises at the same time.

The speech therapy application contains 18 sounds , but compound sounds have also been added, so that a total of 29 different sounds can be worked on ( B, BL, BR, CL, CR, D, F, FL, FR, G, GL, GR, CH, J, K, L, LL, M, N, P, PL, PR, R, RR, S, T, TR, DR, Z ).

The application contains a large number of varied and selected images to work with fun on all phonemes. It is important that dads and moms at home can accompany the work with this application, and thus strengthen the work done with the speech therapist.

This application is designed to accompany the work of speech therapy sessions. Thus the therapist has an image support of all the phonemes as well as games that make the work more attractive for children.

The application has been produced in collaboration with speech therapist Beatriz Ibarra Benedicto.

These exercises do not replace speech therapy sessions. Using the application helps to practice at home, in an entertaining and motivating way. It is important that there is a family member while the children are with the application.
Before starting the exercises in this application, the child must be able to say the sound alone and also say it in simple syllables. The exercises and games in this application help the articulation in more complex words.
If you are not sure what to do, consult a speech therapist.


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