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The Ćiribu Ćiriglas application is intended for children of all ages to encourage phonological abilities, auditory discrimination, skills in reading and writing, and practicing the correct articulation of individual sounds.

Long description:

Adjust the app's settings depending on the skill you want to practice and let the child be the wizard who sorts the symbols according to the voice that symbol contains.
To allow gradual learning, the application contains 4 levels of difficulty (the target voice is at the beginning of a word, at the end of a word, in the middle of a word or in any position in a word). Practice auditory discrimination of sounds, automate correct pronunciation, strengthen phonological awareness and reading skills, and practice writing skills with paper and pencil. During breaks from training, play the always fun game of pairs and consolidate the newly acquired knowledge.

Before starting the game, personalize the settings according to the skill you want to practice. Choose the display method of the offered words (symbol, text or symbol with text), the position of the target sounds within the word (depending on the training phase) and enable/disable the option of word pronunciation and letter display. Now you are ready to start the game. Choose two voices that you want to practice distinguishing and start sorting. The current version of the application contains voices from a wider group of sigmatism (S, Z, C, Š, Ž, Č, Ć, Đ, DŽ).


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