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App description

This app is for speech therapists and parents who are motivated to help their child at home.

Long description:

It is designed to help children with one or more joint disorders. The playful support, the illustrations, the diversity of the games aim to make this sound automation work less daunting and will encourage children to make more efforts. Progress will therefore be faster.

The exercises are progressive. Each sound is proposed in a list of words in initial, middle or final situation. Some particularly difficult sounds, such as R and L, can be worked on first in isolation and then in complex groups.

The amount of words and illustrations on offer also makes this app a great vocabulary builder.

The Speech Therapy app was developed with my help. My name is Frédérique Pétroffe, I am a state-certified speech therapist and I have been practicing in Provins in Seine et Marne for many years.
I have selected and studio recorded all the words in this app so that even at home children can practice with excellent sound quality and articulation.

– These exercises cannot replace sessions with a speech therapist. But if everyone plays the game, they can represent an additional help, a valuable time saver for everyone: the speech therapist, the parents and especially for the children who often suffer a lot from not being able to make themselves understood as they wish. would like…

– Before performing these exercises, children should already be able to correctly articulate the sound in isolation, then in simple syllables. Afterwards, with the exercises and games offered in this application, they will gradually be able to place the sound inside a word and automate its pronunciation. (to get the sound in isolation, I refer you to my YouTube channel: Orthophonie Channel on which I will gradually add explanatory videos)


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