Tell a Story - Speech & Logic
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This educational game for kids trains speech and logic.

Long description:

It is best for children ages 4, 5, 6 and 7 years old.

Each of the tasks presents a sequence of pictures on the screen that together tell a story, yet the pictures get mixed at the start of the round. The child has to put the pictures back into the correct order and tell the story these pictures display. The game effectively trains the ability to speak in complete and meaningful sentences as well as to come to logical conclusions based on observed facts. To place the pictures in the correct order, children need to first establish causal, temporal, spatial and other logic relationships between the smaller pieces and demonstrate a rather high level of abstraction. Examining pictures itself trains attention and concentration.

Ask your kid to tell a short story or in some way explain why the pictures should be in that order as well as what happens on the pictures. Each story has a beginning, then some development, and finally an ending. All the pictures are realistic, colorful, and aimed at young kids.

The game offers tasks with 3 levels of difficulty:

  1. Easy - sequences of 4 easy pictures (for example, 1. whole apple, 2. bitten apple, 3. half-eaten apple, 4. apple core).
  2. Medium - sequences of 4 pictures which together make a small story with a simple plot.
  3. Hard - sequences of 5-6 pictures with a longer plot where the child needs to establish temporal and causal relationships.


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