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App description

Pictosonidos is an application which helps to increase understanding of concepts and vocabulary of people with oral communication disorders.

Long description:

Through pictograms, we help people to locate themselves in space and time, to anticipate events, to express their concerns and feelings, to communicate in an alternative way in a general way.

The operation of the Pictosonidos website is very simple, the pictograms are grouped into different categories; When accessing each category you can advance progressively one by one, or advance to the pictogram you want using the top panel for quick access to the pictograms of each category.

Each pictogram is associated with a phrase of the word and in those cases where that unit has a sound, said sound will sound prior to the phrase, to facilitate the understanding of said image as much as possible.

Each word in each category has an associated phrase with voiceover included, for a better assimilation of concepts, which is accessed by clicking on the conversation icon in the corner of the central pictogram, which will open a floating screen with the phrase complementary to the concept.

We have tried to make the navigation of the application as intuitive as possible and thereby achieve a greater degree of usability when handling so many concepts.

We include games in those sections that contain sounds to make learning a more enjoyable experience, once the necessary vocabulary knowledge has been acquired through these pictograms, sounds and phrases.


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