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Give them tools to grow with Social Handy™!

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** This app is part of the AMIKEO suite **


Can I set the table? Am I allowed to cross by myself?

As they grow up, children become independent in everyday life (on the bus, at school, at the recreation center, and even at home!)

With its fun quizzes, Social Handy™ gives them tools to better understand everyday situations. Thanks to the images and sound instructions, they discover for themselves how to take the subway or clear the table after eating!

Parents, teachers, etc. create and adapt your quizzes as many times as you want according to your children's abilities and world! By taking pictures of what surrounds them on a daily basis, you can improve their understanding and give them concrete points of reference to guide them.

The application includes:

• More than 25 situations thought up by educators, speech therapists, neuropsychologists and psychologists.
• A space reserved for the caregiver to create, delete or modify situations directly from your tablet/smartphone.
• Progress monitoring with statistics

Thanks to its ergonomics that facilitate concentration (refined design, large buttons, etc.) and its closed management space, the application can be used with a companion or alone.

Especially suitable for people of all ages with developmental disabilities, this application allows everyone to learn while having fun!

The Social application Handy™ and its contents are available free of charge in full version for a period of 14 days.
Beyond this trial period, you can subscribe to the AMIKEO subscription for €15.99/month or €169.99/year with no commitment to use our 10 AMIKEO applications!

Included in this subscription:
- 10 applications of AMIKEO suite by Auticiel
- Unlimited customization of the contents of all applications
- Access to new AMIKEO program applications, evolutions and updates
- Dedicated Customer Support by phone or email
- Monthly user statistics sent by email

Social Handy™ is an application published by Auticiel®, a French company specialized in the development of software solutions to promote the independence of children and adults with mental disabilities. We develop intuitive and fun mobile applications for communication, spatial and temporal landmarks, social relationships, etc. in order to promote social integration and school/employment accessibility.

All our applications are created and tested with users, their families and a scientific committee composed of medical and educational professionals (neuropsychologists, psychologists, speech therapists, special educators...).

- iFeel™, to express emotions
- Voice™, the mobile communication workbook
- Autimo™, educational game to learn how to recognize emotions and facial expressions
- Time in™, time timers to visualize the time that passes without even knowing the time
- Logiral™, video player to slow down the image and sound of videos
- ClassIt™, educational game to learn to identify, categorize and generalize!
- Puzzle™, to discover the puzzle step by step
- Agenda™, simplified schedule
- Sequences™, help with tasks


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