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For children or Adults who are non-verbal, Autistic or who otherwise struggle to communicate.

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Designed to be:
• Simple to use 👶🏻
• Responsive 😼
• Customisable 🤡
• Educational 👩🏻‍🏫
• Practical 👷🏻‍♀️
• Compatible with phones and tablets 📱📱
• Free to try 🎰

A fully customisable communication app for anyone who has difficulty communicating non verbally.

Feel the joy of helping your child to communicate with you. Or you, having a fast and easy voice to the world with your phone.

Talk in Pictures X is a fully customisable app to help anybody who has problems talking. You can add your own pictures and change the words.

Speech problems affect many people with Autism but also Dysarthria, verbal dyspraxia, Throat Cancer and more.

Not being able to communicate your needs, desires or thoughts is so frustrating. Pointing to a glass of water and being told you cannot have the food next to it is very frustrating when all you want is water. Wanting to say so much but having a very limited vocabulary would make anyone lose their temper.

User-defined cards and the ability to construct and speak sentences, Talk in Pictures started out as an AAC way to help Autistic Children to communicate, so they didn't become frustrated or angry or fly into a rage.

It is now a way for anyone who has difficulty with speaking to be able to communicate. It's free of charge and does not contain advertising, relying solely on voluntary donations. So Dad, Mum, Brother, sister, child career, a teacher can all have it on their phone or tablet.

We are a small team working to produce apps to help people of all abilities. This app is regularly updated. If you have any suggestions or problems contact us at talkinpicturesx@androidinlondon.com

If you would like to help with translating this app, please contact us at talkinpicturesx@androidinlondon.com


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