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Time in ™ allows you to represent the passing of time without having to read the time!

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Time in ™ allows you to represent the passing of time without having to read the time!

How long does it take 5 minutes? How long should I wash my teeth?
Hours and minutes are an abstract concept which is used to cut time and which requires learning. Particularly suitable for children and anyone who has difficulty understanding the concept of time, Time in ™ gives form and meaning to the activity in progress for those who do not master this learning.

The application offers a choice of “timers” which are colorful timers that can be personalized endlessly: add images, include animations, choose a form of time representation… everything is designed to adapt to the sensitivity of the user and offer a fun and enjoyable experience.

With the Time in ™ application:
- Start timers very quickly thanks to 10 preset times: the circle fills with a color and shows how much time has passed, and how much time is left.
- It is possible to listen to music while the timer is running, ideal for waiting!
- At the end of the allotted time, a nice animation is triggered (possibility of replacing it with the image of our
choice). We can also add a sound or music that we like.
- The “zoom” function allows you to focus on the current activity.

Time in™ and its contents are offered to you free of charge in full version for a period of 14 days.
Beyond this trial period, you can subscribe to the AMIKEO subscription for €15.99 / month or €169.99 / year without obligation which will allow you to use our 10 AMIKEO applications!

Are included in this subscription:
- 10 applications of the AMIKEO by Auticiel suite
- Unlimited customization of the contents of all applications
- Access to new applications of the AMIKEO program, evolutions and updates
- Dedicated Customer Support by phone or email
- Monthly usage statistics sent by email

Time in ™ is an application published by Auticiel®, a French company specializing in the development of software solutions to promote the autonomy of children and adults with mental disabilities. We develop intuitive and fun mobile applications for communication, spatio-temporal landmarks, social relations ... with the aim of promoting social integration and accessibility to school / employment.

All our applications are created and tested with users, their families and a scientific committee made up of professionals from the medical and educational milieu (neuropsychologists, psychologists, speech therapists, specialized educators ...).

- iFeel ™ to express your emotions
- Voice ™, the mobile communication folder
- Autimo ™, educational game to learn to recognize emotions and facial expressions
- Logiral ™, video player to slow down the image and sound of videos
- ClassIt ™, educational game to learn to identify, categorize and generalize!
- Puzzle ™ to discover the puzzle step by step
- Agenda ™, simplified timetable
- Sequences ™, help with tasks
- Social Handy ™ to work on social interactions


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