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App description

EmoPLAY is a technological solution for social skills training aimed at children and teenagers with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Long description:

The innovation of EmoPLAY consists of using computer vision and machine learning techniques to capture the expression of the person with ASD and help him to modulate his emotions through an interactive game. In real time, through a webcam placed in front of the user, the system analyzes the image (face location, pre-processing, feature extraction and classification) to provide feedback in real time to the user and get the modulation of his emotion through automatic feedback.
The process of EmoPLAY is as follows:
1. Explanation of emotion and personalized proposal of prototypical situation
2. Customized proposal of facial expression
3. Virtual reflection: visualization of the image itself on the screen and, simultaneously, automatic recognition of the facial expression
4. Custom feedback associated with positive reinforcement in case of correspondence with step 3

The application has been trained to recognize facial expressions in users between 6 and 16 years, being possible its operation with users of other ages but without being able to guarantee the same effectiveness of the facial recognition algorithm in those cases.
EmoPLAY is an innovative product with a future in the field of e-Health, which offers the possibility of working on learning and expressing emotions in any corner of the world and adapted to mobile devices. Given the high geographic dispersion of autism spectrum disorders this characteristic is of vital importance. In turn, this is a product that could be applied in other disorders.


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