Hedgehog's Adventures Story
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This game has an interactive story about a Hedgehog and his friends.

Long description:

With a few dozen educational tasks and mini-games for children ages 4, 5, and 6 years old—these tasks make it as one of the best free logic games for kids. Having the right mini-games to educate children, they add a good amount of adventures in learning. This educational games app for kids was designed by a professional child psychologist for parents and teachers to help educate children. This is one of those preschool education games for children that must be played together with an adult to have a real educational effect.

The hedgehog adventure story for kids includes 5 chapters with alternating narration and plot-related tasks—having specific plots will improve a child’s attention span, and that’s precisely what has let it stand among the most trusted logic games for kids.

After completing the story, your kids can continue enjoying the game with 15 additional mini-games, each with 4 levels of difficulty. While playing the mini-games for children ages 4-6 years or solving tasks and logic puzzles for kids, children develop concentration, attention capacity, working memory, logic, and spatial intelligence. By cultivating the analytic ability of a child, this interesting story-driven game has become one of the best free kid learning games.

In the beginning of the story, Hedgehog sets off to find the lost shadow of his friend, Mouse. After returning from the journey, he cleans up his house while Squirrel helps him. Then Hedgehog attends Hare's birthday party. In the night, he dreams that he visits a geometry land and gets to know the shapes that live there. In the end of the story, Hedgehog and his friends build a new house in the forest. Such an interesting narrative has sure made this free logical games app for kids as one of the finest preschool logic games that you can download for the kids.

The following tasks have made this app one among the reliable logical thinking games for kids:

• Deliver a letter to the correct address
• Find differences between pictures
• Jigsaw puzzles
• Find mistakes in a picture
• Classify objects
• Find missing pieces of pictures
• Mazes
• Find numbers in the correct order
• Sudoku puzzles with objects and geometric shapes
• Hidden objects
• Find an error in a sequence
• Decorate a cake
• Memory games
The levels of difficulty that are found in these learning games for children:
• Easy: small kids (4 years of age)
• Normal: preparation for school (5 years of age)
• Hard: elementary school, 1st grade (6 years of age)
• Very hard: for gifted children between the ages of 4 and 6

Our children focused educational games and apps are aimed at the development of cognitive processes of children in the preschool age range (3-6 years old). Commonly, the apps of the "edutainment" type focus on learning numbers, letters, shapes or facts. However, the pedagogical experience—which is created by such preschool educational games for kids free—shows that such games mostly train mechanical memory and that isn't enough. It's important for preschoolers to have cognitive abilities developed, too. If brain functions are trained well, the kids will have higher an IQ level and learn school material more easily. And these mini kid educational games included in this app are designed to let kids improve their IQ levels.


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