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The ICT-AAC Learning Colors is an interactive application developed as a simple and motivational tool for learning colors.

Long description:

It is primarily intended for children with developmental disabilities, although the application may also be used by orderly developing children. The application is based on the use of audio-visual elements familiar to children with an emphasis on simplicity and clear recognizability. The main menu offers four levels of progressive difficulty (Color Recognition, Color Differentiation, Door Unlock, Dominant Color) which are intended to make learning, recognizing and distinguishing colors fun. Additionally, in the application settings, users can select the colors they want to use in the application, voice, text display and customized usage that changes certain parameters of the application, adapting the application to the requirements of children with multiple disabilities. The application was developed in cooperation with the expert team of the Special Hospital for Chronic Diseases of Children Gornja Bistra, Croatia in order to adapt the requirements for the appearance and functionality of the application to children with multiple disabilities.


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