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With this app you can work different interactive activities for language development, allowing independent learning, adapted to the child's own pace.

Long description:

Initially, you can download three packages of exercises to work morphosyntax and sentence construction with verbs: eat, drink and smell Level 1 (subject - verb - direct object). New packages will be available progressively higher level, for more verbs and to work other areas of language (semantics, pragmatics, ...).

The application has a management area which is accessed initially without password. From the administration area can be downloaded exercise packages (Internet connection required), manage (assign profiles), manage profiles (user or exercises), set a password for access to the administration area or access video tutorials management application area Help.

#Soyvisual Is an augmentative communication system that uses visual graphics and key representations to stimulate different levels and contents of language: listening, articulation of words, acquisition of vocabulary, sentence construction and functional communication. It is aimed at people who have very specific needs in the field of communication and language. It can also be used in the early stages of development in people without these needs.

#Soyvisual Is promoted by Orange Foundation and has been created and developed by coordinated professionals from different areas with the ultimate goal to bring coherence to the communication system and ensure smooth operation unequipo.

More information www.soyvisual.org


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*Internet connection required


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