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The program "Mentio Sounds" contains 200 sounds from everyday life and hundreds of sound stimuli.

Long description:

The program also includes an audio test, which can be used to quickly and easily assess the quality of the tested person's hearing in case of doubt.

Tasks include determining what sound it is, assigning sounds to pictures (or to the written or spoken form of words), identifying a sound that occurred twice in a row, working with groups of sounds, imitating what has been heard, sound associations and playing a sound memory game. All exercises can be used in various variations.

If you are interested, sounds can also be played against the background of noise (restaurant noise, babbling of a stream, etc.).

In addition to the standard playback method, the program also allows you to change the volume of reproduction during exercise and play sounds only to the left or right earphone separately, or to randomly alternate the right and left earphones (speakers).


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*Paid technical mode

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*Some functions require internet connection


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