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Support of memory, logical thinking, observation, concentration, speed of thinking and correct decision-making.

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Intelligence as a person's ability to know the connections of things and effectively solve tasks and situations is developed and consolidated from birth. With the right training, you can reach a higher level. IQ-HRY offers a set of games that will support children's development of memory, logical thinking, observation, concentration and speed of thinking and correct decision-making.

The tasks have three levels of difficulty, shown by the icon at the bottom of the screen - A, 1,2,3.

Level 1 is for children from 5 years of age.

A - specifies automatic selection of jobs according to Ability to solve the tasks correctly. After two correctly solved problems on the lowest Stage 1 tasks will automatically be followed by Level 2 and then Level 3 tasks.

Certainly Some challenging tasks will keep both big kids and adults engaged.
For children from 5 years of age.


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