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This product is intended to be used as a virtual fitness trainer.

Long description:

It aims to encourage physical activities of all people. It has accessibility features so that the application can be used by people with various disabilities.

Target users are people who would like to:
- engage in basic physical activities,
- improve left-right orientation,
- have fun playing games like "Day-Night".

The main feature of the application is the recognition of the user and his position (e.g. the position of the head, arms, legs, torso...) using the live feed from the device's camera as input. The mobile device recognizes the user from head to toe and uses this information to detect whether the user has performed the exercise correctly.

The application has three games: "Training", "Day-night" and "Dancing". Each of them uses 13 poses that are used in different contexts. Just some of them are: right hand up, left hand by the side, right leg up, etc.


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