Tobík uklízí - hra pro děti v češtině
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Tobík cleans is a game for Czech children from one to three years old.

Long description:

The game main target is to clean up the scattered objects on the floor and put them in the right place. E.g. milk in the fridge, mug on the shelf, toys in the box or clothes in the closet. The game praises the child when he cleans things up correctly and prompts him when he doesn't.

The children's room includes:

- car, truck, hat, doll, teddy bear, train, jacket, socks, cube, shoes and lamp.

The kitchen includes:

- pot, kettle, banana, lemon, apple, yogurt, mug, colander, juice, plate and milk.

The bathroom includes:

- towel, duck cloth, toothbrush, toothpaste and more.

The living room includes:

- books, DVD disc, pillow, TV remote control, vase and more.

Dad's office:

- computer mouse, jacket, papers, pencils, book, lamp, clock, photo frame and more.

We will be glad for your opinion, what we should improve in the game or how you like it. Please email us at info@tobigames.com


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