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App description

Educational tools to understand and take care of your health.

Long description:

What is SantéBD?

SantéBD is an educational toolkit for understanding and explaining health with simple pictures and words. Customizable comics for children and adults, posters, videos and image banks: SantéBD facilitates the preparation of medical appointments, the acceptance of care, the understanding of prevention messages and the dialogue between patient and caregiver.



HealthBD was created with universal accessibility in mind. It should be easy for everyone to understand: children and adults, with or without difficulties.

HealthBD's methodology is based on Enhanced Alternative Communication (AAC), which brings together different approaches to improve communication for people who have difficulty communicating: Easy to Read and Understand (ALC) language, simple scenarios and clear and reassuring illustrations.

Each tool is co-constructed by scientific and medical experts and experts representing the different types of disability.

In addition, the illustrator offers each comic with 8 profiles: girl, boy, woman, man, and in wheelchair versions. The user can thus personalise his comic book, which makes it easier to appropriate.

All SantéBD tools are built with people with intellectual disabilities and proofread by ESATs specialized in FALC.


What is FALC, Easy-to-Read and Easy-to-Understand Language?

The purpose of the FALC is to facilitate access to information for people with comprehension difficulties. It is governed by strict European rules that allow for the simplification of documents and a better understanding of all.

The main rules of the FALC:
Always use simple words and avoid large numbers
Sentences should be as short as possible
Always use an order that is easy to understand
The layout should be in easy-to-read and short
formats A font that is as clear as possible


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